Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Cubs Fan's Lament

It's just the spring season and already we see things have got to change.

First - sorry Neal Cotts, but I don't see you making the roster. I don't know what it is that makes you so hittable, but the north side of town doesn't seem to be doing you any good. I don't know how you did when you were on the south side - cuz I don't like the White Sox so I don't know if your performance is supposed to be why you were traded or why you were picked up and you don't seem to be made for the National League. You are still a much better player than I'll ever be, but I've never aspired to be a major league pitcher or someone would be writing the same things about me.

Second-The Giants seemed to be stealing bases at will against Cubs pitching. Two things that will throw a team off their rhythm: walks and steals. We need to improve on both. Throw a ball over to first base every once in a whiel. Look over at a runner so his rhythm is thrown off. Geez!

Third-Derek Lee can do no wrong, and you're sexy even with the beard - but lose it, please. The closest I will ever get to you is in my dreams and I can't even dream of rubbing up against that. Well, I can, but it's uncomfortable. So, sorry, I don't care how cold it gets here in April, you need to shave it off. I'll help.

Fourth-Naming rights to Wrigley Field? I'm almost certain there's something in the Bible saying it's a sin. It's got a name: Wrigley Field. And it's a darned good one.

The Cubs are 1-3 and they've shown they have some 'fight back' in 'em, but they should have never been as far behind as they were. Hopefully, they will get the losses out of their system and bring all the wins with them when they come north in about a month.

I feel so much better now.

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