Monday, June 6, 2011


I like color. I like blocks and splashes of color. A hint here and a surprise there I am so far from being a fashion maven that it isn't made by Dabanga, an artist from Mozambique who has a shop on Etsy: Dabanga on Etsy . It is a little block of color that I am so fond of. I can see wearing these with a black dress and having them provide the focal point and interest.

Dabanga has been making jewelry for about twelve years, though she's only been on Etsy since 2009. She likes working with a wide range of materials: pe
arl,leather and even copper and from the looks of her items, she certainly knows what to do with them.

Look at this e
arring. Is it not gorgeous? It was arl, leather, copper - this is nice. It's more than nice. I enjoy the little extra added to her pieces to move them out of a comfortable symmetrical look to pieces with a little added something.

She says that making jewelry is the equivalent of putting music and lyrics together. I get that. I feel the same way about my needlework. There are words and music flowing through the instrument of needles and hooks and the yarn. Sometimes if I really working in the quiet, I can hear it.

I love how the color or the shape moves the piece. I have a fondness
for simply elegant things - probably because I'm such a goof but I like simple, clean lines and Dabanga's pieces are elegant drops of color.
I firmly believe that we are given many gifts and that one of the greatest gifts we can give in return is using what we are given for the betterment of the world.

The changes don't have to be big or dramatic. It can be simply loving making beautiful jewelry pieces - running elements in your hands and using instruments to create little masterpieces that will find their way to someone's wrist or ears or neck. Dabanga is a talented artist and her creations show an elegant spirit and fine hand. I have to admire that.

Visit her shop for more of her jewelry and let her know it if you appreciate her work. All Etsy pages have a contact link. I'm sure she'd be happy for your feedback.

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