Monday, August 4, 2008

Well, This is a Surprise!


As a 1930s wife, I am


Take the test!

Ok, so I found this on Cozy's blog and found it on a few other sites. Since everyone scored poorly, I thought there must be some sort of trick. So, imagine my surprise to find out that in the 1930's I would be considered a superior wife.

I'm not showing this to my hubby. It would only make the poor man laugh and that could cause some acid reflex and it would not be pretty.

Mind you, I believe I am quite the wife. I love being married mainly because I know I married the right guy - kinda makes it a no brainer. But right guy or not, this marriage gig takes some work and the thing is - even if you live together first (which we did for a year) you're not prepared for the moment when it all becomes legal. I remember standing at the altar after the vows saying: "Wow! I'm gonna need a lawyer to get out of this!" What can I say, I'm a die hard romantic.

Trust me, it's not easy being a good wife without a good husband involved. My mother-in-law survived her first marriage to my hubby's dad and found happiness in her second to a man who wasn't mean, abusive or drunk. Now, people would say she was a saint in her first marriage - but who ever goes into marriage thinking of sainthood - I know there were some sins I wanted to commit the moment I could legally get away with them cuz I was hitched!

I want to be a superior wife and though I may have made one in the 1930's I wasn't even born in the 30's. I want to be a good wife in the 90's, & 2000's. But I don't think I am going to tempt fate by find a quiz that tells me if I would be a good wife today.

I'll just have to take my own word for it!

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