Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Hat & Scarf

Here they are! My Olympic Hat & Scarf.

These were items entered into the Ravelympics! I have Cai, the afghan left to complete.
So, these were made mostly with Caron by the Pound, but the ring colors were made with yarn that was donated by someone. And I still dig the Pom-Pom on the hat. (Thanks to my hubby for being willing to model the hat!)

The scarf is mostly stockinette and it's folded and pinned to take out the curl. It's over about five feet long (I think). These will be available at the November Bazaar (sold separately).


Eryka Jackson said...

Congrats on getting the hat and scarf finished for the Ravelry Olympics! I hope you win. I could never figure out how to enter. Can I still sign up?

Beverly said...

I think we had to sign up before the opening ceremonies. It's on

del said...

Those are the coolest colors. Great job!


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