Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Craze Phase

So, what's up with me having seven projects on the needles? This is what used to happen then I switched to working on one project at a time and now I have come back to multiple projects.

There is a method to the madness....

I have a ton of tote bags - I love tote bags. Don't ask why; I've learned to accept it. I went to a library convention last year and collected about 15 tote bags and I've received three from people in my sister's Baha'i choir this year and last year, plus all the others.

Here comes the logic....

I have two tons of yarn all through the house. The only rooms in the house that do not have yarn is the kitchen and the bathroom. And that's because the hubby-bubby moved the yarn out of the kitchen last night.

Do you see it coming.....

I have two sales coming up. One day in November and a week in December. I always worry that we won't have enough even though we do sell a great deal, we always come back with boxes of stuff, but the fear gets the needles clacking.

Now it all comes together.

Yarn in tote bags are WIPs which means less yarn cluttering around. The project goes into a tote bag which goes into a newly cleared shelf in the lawyers bookcase. The projects won't all be done for the sale in November, but there should be 1/3 to 1/2 of the seven done in time for the December sale.

So to conclude the logic end of our journey...

The house is less cluttered. More items are available for the sale. I actually use the tote bag collection and I have variety and diversity in knitting.


On the other hand, I usually have more than one project going when I feel things are a little out of control. Now that the funk is clearing away, I will probably work on one project a day and alternate the WIPs. But it's good to have an explanation ready.


del said...

I will never worry again about having multiple WIPs. From this point on, I just go with the flow. It's good you have more than enough bags!

And, my mojo is just short for my knitting mojo. I refer to it as "he" because sometimes, he just up & leaves me. Like a man. lol

NS said...

Interesting post. Enjoyed reading it. Are you a freelancer too?

Check my blog at

Would like to hear from you.

Beverly said...

Hey NS!
Yes, I am a freelance writer! Working on client stuff as well as my own. I did visit your blog and will be back again!

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

This made me laugh! It was just too familiar!!!


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