Thursday, October 16, 2008

When Is An Afghan Not An Afghan - con't

Remember a while back I knit all these squares to make an afghan and when I started to pull it together, it didn't work? I made two of those squares into a pillow, but I still have plenty of squares left and now some of them have become this kiddie scarf! There are still enough squares to make a matching hat and possibly mittens.

But here is the Take A Ribbing scarf from "Getting Started Knitting" I couldn't tell you how many colors are in it, but it's made from the Herschnerr's Chunky weight yarn which is really yummy to me. (I wouldn't know what to do with yarn that actually cost more than $7 a skein!) It's a nice yarn with lots of colors (obviously) and very lush. It's the shipping charges that kills the buzz for me. I wait until they have free shipping which they do a couple of times a year and then I buy a bunch of it.

If I get the chance, I will try and whip up a hat or mittens to go with it but the scarf will go on sale at the bazaar next month.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I am with you on those shipping charges. Sometimes I'm thinking I've got a great deal, then when I hit the CHECK OUT button, I go into shipping-shock !!! Your scarf is really vibrant and pretty. Visit me to peek at the long scarf I've done.

Beverly said...

i checked out your scarf...really lovely.

those shipping charges are outrageous! but i do like the yarn. i started yet another project using bernat softy chunky which i didn't like before, but i'm liking these skeins...maybe i will have a change of heart and choose that as my chunky yarn..

Anonymous said...

That scarf looks so scrunchable & cozy. Love those colors together.

Beverly said...

thanks. i just pulled random colors originally and then just knit up two random squares. I think it would look cute with a hat or mittens!

Jemima said...

It looks great! Sometimes the mess-ups end up being more fun than the intended project, probably because it's super original!

Beverly said...

i do like the scarf but admit to bowing to pressure to making it small so it would be a children's scarf. i would so wear a scarf of many colors myself. but it will look cute as a kiddie set...if i could just get myself to start the hat.


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