Friday, September 5, 2008

Cuddle Up Baby Blanket - wip

So Cai is in the seam stage. I have already done one seam and strip 1 is connected to strip 2. I imagine I will do one seam a day and then get to working on the next project. Which is the Cuddle Up baby blanket.

This blanket is earmarked for a baby my nephew and his wife are expecting. The newest member of the family is only days away from his debut and then a few months to his baptism. Because my nephew belongs to my church, this blanket will be presented to the family during the baptism. (My craft group presents blankets to families at all baptisms taking place there.)

It's a pretty easy knit thus far (though I have altered some details of the pattern.) It won't be too long before this moves from wip to fo!

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