Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't Make Me Wait For Love

This is Tracy Radford. Tracy runs A Fabulous Flair on Artfire. She is also my first interview for Handmade New. I have a favor to ask - please ready Tracy's interview.

1. It is a really nice story and I couldn't have asked for a better first interview.

2. Because this is the picture Tracy wanted to run for her article, but I had to run with the first one she gave me because it had already gone to press. So, read the article, but think about this picture.

3. Here's the truth: I went surfing through Handmade News looking at other articles and there's some good stuff there! And I'm not just saying that cuz Tracy's interview was one of the most popular pages on the site. There's some really good info there if you are interested in the handmade movement or if you have a shop or are a buyer.

So I encourage you to go over to the magazine (use the link above) and take a look around. But make your first or last stop, Tracy's interview because it really is a good read - if I say so myself. And show her some love (ok, so me so love) give the article a thumbs up or down as you see fit.

HERE IT IS - Here is the afghan
I was working on. It came out a little smaller than I wanted, but it would still make a nice afghan for a twin bed or a college dorm bed - if they're anything like the dorm bed I had when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Would you believe there is nothing on my needles at the moment? I started another afghan but didn't like the way it was going so off it went and there's nothing on anything right now. But never fear, my schedule says I am supposed to start another project which means I have to start two projects. So the needles - and the hands - won't be idle for long!


Susie said...

Love the article! It makes me so happy to see people, who I think are wonderful, do something lovely together! You rock, Bev!

Beverly said...

You rock, I rock, Tracy rocks..
we're all stoned together!

Wait a minute, not sure that's what I meant to,heck, it still works!

Tracy said...

Hi susie hi beverly! TY again to you both.
In my book, you both ROCK!!!
big hugggzz to you!!


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