Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'll Try Something New

This is Marie Santiago. She's another one of the people I've interviewed for Handmade News.

Now, way back I thought it would be nice to feature the folks who hearted by Etsy shop. I thought it would be a nice to do thing for those people who stopped by the shop and gave me a heart when they didn't have to. I have certainly never asked for people to make me a favorite.

Well, it was a dud. Only one person responded - no, the person wasn't Marie - hold on, I'm getting to Marie.

I was really a little disappointed people didn't want to be interviewed for a blog...any blog, has at least two readers: the one who writes the blog and the one who doesn't want to get on the bad side of the one who writes the blog so they read the blog and are able to discuss its content at dinner.

Not that this is anyone I know or live with - I'm just saying.

So then along came Handmade News and I got to be in the department I wanted - which was interviewing people and helping them get people to look at their shops.

Dontcha just love the synergy?

My guess - and it is a guess - I have not checked any data. My guess is that some of the 90+ people who are wanting an interview with Handmade News turned me down when I was just a lowly blog writer but now they want themselves a little bite of the Bevvy!

See, this is why the ever wise God made the world round - so you wouldn't see it when the universe comes back to bite you in the butt! And since the world is round..

Marie Santiago.
Marie has a photo of her workspace on her Flickr page, (Yes, you will have to read the interview to get to it.) Now, you all know how I talk about my workspace. I haven't worked in my office in I don't know how long. I can tell you, the computer is on and has been all day, but I've been working at the satellite location in my living room. I'm in the living room right now - even though the workspace is looking better than it ever has and the chair is more comfortable.

I don't know why.

Marie makes mostly bags and they are cute. I mean officially, they are officially cute! Check out the interview and her shop and you'll see for yourself.

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cici said...

Thanks for the that. I will have to check out Marie and her bags and your interview.


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