Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ode to Billie Joe

I'm convinced if someone had shown this poncho to Billie Joe he never would have jumped off that bridge. Of course, I think the reason he jumped because his mama made him spell his name with Billie instead of Billy. Boy probably was teased something fierce.

(For those of you young folk, read here about Ode to Billie Joe. It's a great read)

This is a cute poncho, but you have to be a little adult to wear it. It's made for a littler woman so I can't wear it and doesn't even look good on Joe. But Kenya here can wear it just fine.

This is Hobby Lobby's Angel Fleece and it is a really soft polyester/acrylic blend. This wasn't the yarn I intended to use for this poncho but you know what they say about I finished it anyway.

Thanks to everyone who sent me folks to interview. I just got word I need to have some of my interviews done by tomorrow! (gasp) So Susie - I'll be contacting your friend today to interview her for the magazine. Thank you for the intro!

Well, back to work!


Susie said...

I love the colors of this poncho! My son, Patrick, wants a poncho and I think you've just inspired me to get to steppin on it.
I'm so glad you'll be contacting Tracy! You and she will have a lovely time together. I'm looking forward to reading your interview with her.

Eryka Jackson said...

Hi Bev,

Your poncho is just lovely! I love the summery color scheme!


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