Sunday, December 27, 2009

Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine

OK, I didn't have anything on my Christmas list. Me, the person who said, 'if you're in love with a crafter you have gifts for life.' Yep, I said that and I still couldn't come up with anything to put on my Christmas list.

Well, that's not quite true.

I came up with a lot of things for my Christmas list. Just not things I wouldn't have to explain away. Like, the Addi Turbo set of exchangeable needles. I would have to explain that although Mr. Honey has already purchased me a set of exchangeable needles, this set is made of a different material and therefore I need them.

Or why I need another six books when I haven't even cracked open all the books I got between my birthday and Christmas last year. (I would have to explain that I have indeed cracked them open, but I have yet to make anything out of any of them. I would then have to explain my method of choosing books to work out of which would only cause more grief and confusion because according to my plan, I won't make anything out of those books til about 2015.)

There are a lot of things on my list - and I could have done another yarn shopping spree, but seriously, even I'm getting tired of all the yarn I have - so I've decided to keep that to just my anniversary present. Which means I have a lot of knitting to do between now and May. So, I was going to forego a Christmas present....

until...someone suggested a few weeks back that we go to Chix with Stix again. It was the Friday during the Holiday Shop and so we popped over and I got some really nice yarn (even paid full price for it) and as I was waiting for Melissa to finish her purchase I saw it.

A knitting bag to end all knitting bags.

I stared at it and decided I wanted it. I pulled it off of the shelf and fell more in love than ever. It was the only one of its kind in the store. I pulled out my cellphone and called Mr. Honey and told him I had something to put on my Christmas list after all. When I hung up the phone, I glanced at Melissa who promptly said:

"You are so spoiled."

Yep. But come on. It's the Hermosa Namaste. I wanted it before I even looked inside. And after I called and said I wanted it, I took a look inside and wanted it even more. The clerk told me she would add it to my wish list and all Mr. Honey had to do was to come and tell them it was on my wish list and they would ring it right up.

So, Christmas morning after I gave Mr. Honey all the stuff he asked for (except for the string, that didn't come in time.) He handed me a box and for a moment, I wondered if he didn't get the bag for me. But there it was - all beautiful and all mine.

And the bag finked on me.

There was an envelope in one of the pockets of the bag and as I picked it up, I saw a slip of paper inside so I said to Mr. Honey. "Gift receipt?"
I opened the envelope and pulled out the slip of paper that said 'Gift Certificate $20.'

"Ah, honey, you got me a gift certificate, too?"
"No." and his eyebrow arched.
I didn't understand.
"I don't understand."
"Well, I told them what you told me that the bag was on your wish list so they put the purchase under your name. And it appears you've spent so much in their store that you've earned a gift certificate."
"Hummm. I don't go to that store that often."
"And yet you have the certificate."

I just put my head down and admired my bag.
And thought about how to spend that $20 in that store.


cici said...

Great post. Loved your bag/husband story♥ Merry Christmas!!!

Susie said...

Mr. Honey is well named..he truly is very sweet. Welcome to the Namaste fan club! I got my third and fourth Namastes for Christmas. Hope you love yours as much as I love mine. Happy New Year, Bev. Best wishes for you and yours.


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