Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Post Christmas Contest

My wonderful Susie got me started with My Blog Spot and they sent me a coupon for some free biscuits (yum) and they also sent me a butter dish with a butter knife.

And here's the great thing - you can win a giveaway package just like I got. Pillsbury (through sent me two coupons for a can of biscuits, the dish and the knife.

Let me tell you, Mr. Honey and I both like bread - Mr. Honey likes bread better than I do and he worships at the altar of Julia Child by saying you can never have too much butter. So biting into one of these biscuits is - to quote him - 'like eating dessert.' They are good. OK, they're a little better than good! One of my favorite eats from childhood is biscuit and syrup. Mom used to make biscuits, we would pour a little Alaga syrup on a plate then dip the bread into the syrup. Yummy, sticky goodness.

These biscuits take that to a higher level. Oh my. And we still have a coupon left!!

You want to win the prize pack? It consists of coupons for biscuits (good only in the US) the dish and the knife. And the contest couldn't be simpler - what did you serve for Christmas dinner?
It's an easy way to get back into our blog reading and writing routine!!

What did you serve for Christmas dinner?


Pixie said...

I served ham from honeybaked ham, homemade mashed potatoes, homemade greenbean casserole and pumpkin pie!

Beverly said...

Hey Pixie - that sounds good - though I don't eat pumpkin pie. Everything else sounds wonderful!

Susie said...

I'm embarrassed to say we served leftovers. We do a big Christmas Eve of all seafood with loads of people. Glenn made so much we had leftovers. The kids had woken up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning so we weren't up to a big dinner. So our Christmas dinner was fish & shrimp scampi, fettuccine alfredo and broccoli. Oh and delicious strawberry pie!


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