Wednesday, June 1, 2011

15 Years In the Making

This is the first item made with my anniversary yarn - well, it's the second, the first thing I frogged because I didn't like it. But this hat I like a lot and I made it this morning (read late last night) while watching Prince Caspian. Get this: I started it at the beginning of the movie and I was done before the end of it. It took less than one skein of yarn. And the skein was 197 yards.) The fiber is
Universal Worsted Weight LP. It's self-striping - didn't know that. The photo doesn't do it justice. I showed it to Mr. Honey and he said, "Hey, that's really cute!" It looks like it's a color pool but it really isn't the color rows are close together. I really had no idea it was self-striping. Really pretty. 15 years because we've been married that long - get it? OK, no said I was a comedian.

In the interest of full disclosure, I stopped writing this post to go watch something on the t and v and while I was doing that, I comp
leted another hat. I am beginning to think my progress relies on the that particular bit of media and that frightens me just a little.

Remember I told you a while back I joined Crafter's Choice? I joined because I got 4 books for 99 cents which turned out to be four books for $11 because they put the price of the books in the shipping. Still, it was a good deal and I was going to fulfill my obligation of buying one book and then get out. Well, I hav
e fulfilled that obligation by purchasing three books. There was a deal. I could have purchased the one book for $12-$15, 2 would have cost me $30 and three cost me $33. So, I purchased three and am waiting for them to arrive. Once they are safely within my walls, I will cancel the membership and be done with it. I will also tell you what the books are when I have a chance to look at them!

I have a prayer shawl and an afghan on the needles. I also have in my head the second Sit and Knit for the year. We will be making caps for patients and the Cancer Treatment Center of America - Chicago. I do have a great book called Craft Hope. I find this book very inspirational and it has given me some ideas and starting with the caps is a good one. I will be spending some time getting that idea together for a fall Sit and Knit so we can make holiday caps for the patients. My goal is to have 100 caps done on the day because the center goes through 100 caps a week.

It's windy today, but it's beautiful - go out and take in the air.

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