Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Princess and Prince of Piece(s)

You all know I love me some Mr. Honey but one of the things that keeps this thing working is that I don't work with him. We used to work for the same company but we very rarely crossed paths - though we crossed long enough to catch each other - but if I had to work with him on a day to day basis I don't think it would be the best thing for either of us.

However, Kenny and Renee seems to make it work. They run the shop The Pixel Prince together and they don't seem to have tired of each other. Now grant it, they haven't been married that long so they are still in the 'You're pretty." "No, you're pretty." "OK, but you're prettier." phase of
their relationship but it works for them and I want them to be happily married and working together decades from now.

The duo makes buttons, magnets, notecards and more. I, for some reason I cannot explain, love maps of the world and they have several of them for sale. They are of a cute size but I want a really
big one. I have absolutely no place to put it even if I had it so it remains a dream for the moment, but if I find myself with some spare wall space, I am going to get my wall map and I am going to ask them if they can make a big one for me.

The couple have been on Etsy since 2009 and already have more than 1000 sales. If you ask them the secret of their success -
Renee says they love having satisfied customers. They combine that with great customer service and persistence and the creative outlet it provides and you have yourself a business that generates lots of customer contact.

This would be a great shop to go to if you want to buy a little something for a whole bunch of people. You can get 25 customer made keychains for just $42. Think of that for family reunions or weddings - what a great wedding favor, huh?

Check out the shop and have a laugh at some of the buttons and if you have a mind to, let the happy couple know you stopped by the shop by liking an item or two. It's a fun shop and a fun time.

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