Monday, June 13, 2011

The Three Graces

A knitting update - I have put a sign up box for my mailing list - I don't expect knitters to sign up - it is more for folks interested in designbcb - buying knitted items. There will also be discounts and giveaways and more information. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please have them sign up.

Also, there are more hats coming off the needle and I am averaging one new per day in the shop. I am up to seven sales for the year - which is really poor - but they've all come in the last six to eight weeks. I've been looking at the stats and the traffic to the shop is up over last year and the last months but it's still a little low on weekly and daily tracks. I think the new pictures with the wigs has improved the look of the site and also because there are items being placed or renewed on the site everyday brings the shop higher in searches.

As you can tell, I've been concentrating on the business side of things. Hopefully, business will pick up.

These are the three graces.
My nieces. My brother's daughters.
Eboni is the eldest and I met her when she was two years old and she's a lot nicer than she was then. To be fair, we were new to her and at two years old she didn't want to be around a bunch of new people. Erica shares my middle name and a bunch of other qualities - one thing she has that I don't have is a brain - the girl got a free ride to ASU and just finished or is almost finished working on her Masters' - just like her sister. Anesha is the youngest and I just met her. My brother insisted I met her at some point during my engagement/wedding thing but considering she's thirteen and we've been married fifteen years, I'm thinking that wasn't possible. Then he said I must have met her when I spent three months in AZ before and after my father's death - Nope. Managed to miss her. But not this time we had just enough time to take the picture. I will get to know her better the next time we are in the same place.

Beautiful little women. They and the two other nieces not pictured. Generation next for the women in the family is in good hands.

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