Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Baseball Season Again!! - GO CUBS!

OK - I know I'm going to heaven. I know because I am a CUBS fan and we have suffered more than Job. We have waited for 100 years for a World Series victory - yes, I know I am not nearly 100 years old and I will probably never be - but a Cubs fan's angst is retroactive. Even if the fan is only five years old, they've been waiting all 100 years.

It seems we are standing in front of fate. We made it to the playoffs last year just to be swept by the Diamondbacks. But everyone in the post season was swept except for the World Series winners, so we don't feel as embarrassed as we would have if we were the only one to feel the broom on our butts.

So, this year we are looking at Kosuke Fukudome to be the spark and I am always in love with Derek Lee (even though we disagree on the Democratic nominee for president) and I expect him to be his uber professional self on the field, and I am always rooting for Kerry Wood because he's just such a great guy. I look forward with anticipation that we will knock fate on its behind and take home the crown this season.

Heaven can wait.

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