Friday, February 29, 2008

The Nine Day Afghan-Completed

So, the Nine Day Afghan took 20 days to complete!
It's not yet blocked and it's already huge!

This was done with Caron By the Pound and Herschnerr's worsted weight yarn. It's done in strips with stockinette stitch - which is why it will have to be blocked, the end strips still have the stockinette roll.

The pattern did not call for it, but I placed a 4 stitch selvedge edge on either end of each strip to keep the roll to a minimum. The pattern also calls for nine strips, but I stopped at 7 because the selvedge edge added enough inches that adding the last two strips would have made in cumbersome, but they can certainly be added if you want the bulk and the size.

Like I said, worsted weight yarn on size 9 needles
Select 5 colors a,b,c,d,e (there's more than 5 in my afghan because for the 'e' colors, i used different ones)

Select one color as your main color - it will be used the most. For this afghan, I used all of two skeins (which for Caron by the pound is about 1700 yards)

Narrow strips are 22 stitches (with 4 on either side as selvedge) starting with a contrast color, knit 16 rows, with the main color knit 58 rows. There are nine blocks of color. So you will start with a contrast and end with a contrast.

The wide strips are 52 stitches (with 4 on either side as selvedge) start with the main color for 16 rows and the contrast color knit 58 rows.

When you've done as many strips as you want, then with the main color, do a crocheted edge (either one, two or three rounds)


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