Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Knitter's Restaurant - Drawstring Bag

Information for the Sit & Knit is here.

Ok, so here's this cute drawstring bag from Vicki Square's Folk Bags

I used Bernat Chunky yarn (discontinued - I got four huge skeins for $3 each) and size ten needles. The handles are a bit long, but I still think the bag will have great use. I don't know yet if I will ask Lois to line it. I don't think it would hurt to have it lined, but it is a thick basket stitch so it might not need it. I don't think it will stretch out much.

You'll enjoy learning the stitch (knitting in the second stitch on the needle and before removing it, knitting in the first stitch and then removing the first and second at the same time. You do the same thing on the purl side - except you purl, of course.)

You will get the stockinette curl, but since it creates such a thick, stiff fabric, the curl is on the cast on edge and is very easy to deal with.

I must say I am glad the project is over and though it only took about four days. It wasn't the easiest project to work on. First, the stitch pattern itself makes a stiff fabric. I cast on and started out using my bamboo needles (I don't have size 10 rosewoods) and the yarn was so stiff on the needles, I had to move to metal and even then it took some time for the fabric to loosen.
Second, I have, as I know I have stated before, man hands, and it wasn't the most comfortable stitch for my hands.

However, there were some fun parts of the project. I am glad to make a bag - which I don't often do. Second, the I-cords were fun and very quickly made and I like weaving them through the bag. It was fun to do something like that which was new.

The bag will be placed in the completed project bag until November at the next Bazaar. (Did I tell you how well we did at the sale last week? We sold almost $500 worth of items - a very good day!)

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