Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jean's Shawl-UMW Bazaar

Information for the Sit & Knit is here.
Jean is a member of StitchCraft through
She came to the sale today with a table and a bunch of these crocheted shawls to sell. She did sell one (not this one, this one she gave to me!)

They are crocheted pieces of beauty. I cannot crochet like this. I haven't ever crocheted like this. Knitting I can do, crocheting I can manage...but this kind of work is a gift. Jean is a gift and I am so glad to have met her.

If you would like to come to StitchCraft meetings, we meet every second Friday of the month from noon to three at First United Methodist Church of Oak Park. We would love to have you whether you knit, crochet, draw or do any other craft.

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