Monday, May 19, 2008

Knitters Restaurant - Knit Without Ceasing

Information and registration for the Sit & Knit is here.

A few years back I started a knitting group at my church and it seems as if I have never put the needles down. I don't keep any of the items I've made - well, I think I have kept a hat. Most of it has been used at the three sales we have during the year and some have been donated. But it does seem as if I knit without ceasing.

I decided it would be a good idea to keep track of what I make. I've have kept a tally since December 2007 and also here on the blog. I have made a total of 27 items since I started keeping track in December. That comes out to about one item a week. I think that's probably good, though I know there are those out there who can best me.

Knitting will come in handy to me today since our dog is gone missing. Our neighbors left their gate open and he went into their yard to get closer to a new dog that was in another yard and he's gone. We've scoured the neighborhood but the dog we've had for almost 11 years is gone. His birthday is next week. I hope he will be someone on this earth to have it - though none but us know.

Knitting will be a help.


Susan said...

I hope you find your dog! I enjoyed looking at your knitting
blog. I wish I could join your church group!

Beverly said...

Good News! The Chicago Police called us last night to say they found our dog. They were able to track us through his rabbies tag. We went to get him last night. And while we were there, we had him microchipped. We are feeling much better after a hectic time. Duke slept very well.

Why can't you join our knit group? We have a member who lives in California - now that's a commute! Actually, she sends us things. We will begin to have Wednesday evening meetings in June so more folks can come!

Susan said...

glad you found your furry friend!
I live in Tennessee and someday
I want to try your 9 day afghan!

Beverly said...

The thing I love about that pattern is how it lends itself to different colors. It can be made with just black and white and it would be very dynamic, or it can be dones with the oodles of colors I used or the five the pattern calls for.
I call it the nine day afghan the pattern is originally from McCall's Design Ideas Knit & Crochet for the home and called the Geometric Blanket published in 1985. Have a great time with it - it's a lot of fun once it's done!!


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