Friday, February 27, 2009

Babies and Mothers-in-law

OK, everybody say it together: "Awwwwww!"
(Wait until you see the booties! That's right, I made my first bootie today. There's only one thus far and it's just so cute I want to fry it in sugar and chomp on it!)

Babies just make everything better. I wanted to create a set of hats to sell on etsy. One little hat isn't enough for a baby - they need to be tricked out and styling at least four days of the week. Here's a head start. (Head start; get it? Yeah, I crack me up.)

Remember the hat I just did?
This one here. Something I forgot to tell you about it. As I blogged a few months ago, Joe's mom passed away last September and he's been slowly cleaning out her condo. (With the market the way it is, there's no great rush of people wanting to buy homes, let alone condos which require a bigger down payment.) He goes over every day and the past few days he's come back with crafting items. His mother is one of the original crafty girls. She could look at a dress or piece of clothing and whip it up without ever seeing the pattern. She knit, crocheted, and did stuff with glue guns.

The other day Joe walked in with this box that contained a gazillion little crochet squares which I will form into something and a bag of ribbon. He walked in with that bag of ribbon just as I was working on this hat and thinking I wanted to do something different and thought ribbon would be nice to do a running stitch with. I looked into the bag and there was the ribbon that matched my hat quite nicely. (If I do say so myself.)

There were also knitting needles, crochet hooks (including a super cool wooden one that I will cherish) and those ribbons, enough ribbons for me to match up with those new booties I make and send a little of my m-i-l with them. As I was getting into knitting, she was slowly phasing out her crafting because her eyesight and her hands were giving out. But she loved babies so I know she'd smile at this.

Finally, we can collaborate.


Eryka Jackson said...

I love the baby hats!

Beverly said...

Thanks,hon. I would have posted the booties, and I will because it will an interesting post on it's own. I just can't explain what happened, but you'll see for yourself.


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