Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Curious Case of Beverly's Booties

I knit those oh so cute baby hats and had the brilliant idea there should be little booties to go with them. After all, babies, especially those who qualify as newborn, need to be warm on their heads and their feet. So, off I went to the land of patterns and I made a bootie.

One bootie.

Thrilled was I to make the bootie because I had never made one before. It was quite an accomplishment. OK, the pattern was so easy someone who never knit before could make it - but I believe I was rightfully thrilled.

Here's the thing.

The vast majority of kids come with two feet. So I need to knit another bootie. I pulled out the same needles. The same yarn. I cast on the same number of stitches and.


this is what I got.

Truth to tell, it was even bigger than this because halfway through I noticed it was a mite bigger than the first one and I actually unraveled part of it before going on. I thought that would solve the problem but instead it looks like the bootie on the right hung around Alex Rodriquez and got a little juice.

I swear I did nothing different between the two. I'm a little scared to make another bootie. But now I have to.
I am going to do this again, but this time I am going to put both booties on the needle at the same time. I will use the same ball of yarn and put the yarn on bobbins.

If anyone can explain this phenomenon; I'd greatly appreciate it. I called Marilyn and she said: "It's happened to me, too. Obviously, you've done something wrong." Beech.

On the other hand, they are cute - even the one for the Green Giant's kid. Now, if I can only manage to make a match for each of them, I'd have two pair of booties!

Curious, indeed.


my7kids said...

If you get really clever and knit a row of eyelets (yo, k2tog across the row) around the ankle of the bootees, and run some of your dearly departed MIL's ribbon through the holes, even the Green Giant bootee will fit a preemie without kicking off.

Written like a woman who has knitted too-big bootees before. LoL

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Beverly said...

A woman after my own knitted heart! I did think of that for future booties, but I i'm gonna leave this pair just like it is - for the fun factor!

nrsmoo said...

OMG I have to send you a pic of my first mitten I knitted in about 20 years...thought it would be just fine.

I just ordered a new camera to replace the one the "unkind samaritan" has of mine...when it comes, I shall post photos...too funny.

And BTW my lovely Mr Honey Stitchmarkers arrived today...They are so nice. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


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