Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Same Hat - Different Version

I love this hat. I think it looks vintage but it's only a few days old. Some lucky person can purchase this hat off my etsy site, but I would like to take this time in praise of good, old regular, acrylic yarn. Yes, I know there are those who turn their noses at acrylic yarn like it's a substitute teacher nobody likes or the computer geek who shows up at the football game. But there's plenty to be said for yarn that cost less than $3 a skein and can make not only this hat, but have enough left over to make another one that looks just like it.

Cheap doesn't mean cheap. Just like expensive doesn't mean better. You can drive a Toyota and you can drive a BMW. You may think you're better or you think other people think you're better because of the car you drive, but trust me, if they both get slapped by a train, people will feel sorrier for the Toyota owner.

Some acrylics have beautiful drape, glorious colors and delicious feel. I used to be in love with Caron by the Pound until I visited Hobby Lobby and touched, I Love This Yarn and I do love that yarn and if my house wasn't already filled with other yarn, I could just hang a Hobby Lobby light outside my house because you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

I know where my LYS is and I've even been inside. I've purchased needles and books from there and I've touched yarn. Haven't bought any yarn there, though. I'm not a reversed snob. I don't turn my nose at them - I just don't open my wallet for them. I have considered it and if the economy turns around, I will probably purchase some of it - not for me, but to make garments or items that I can charge more for and expect someone to buy. I'm not a snob - I'm....thrifty, Yes, that's it. I'm thrifty.

So let's hear it for the fake stuff...or as some clever ad person thought up:
the authentic replica. It is the cornerstone of yarn-dom and I shall forever be true!


Eryka Jackson said...

Hi Bev. I am a confessed yarn snob, but I can see where you are coming from. I think your hat is beautiful.

~RaenWa~ said...

I am not afraid to admit it I am an acrylic junkie lol sometimes its the best thing to use I like your hat its very cute you did a great job

Melodye said...

I would love to be a yarn snob. However, reality and practicality don't allow. If the yarn we choose gets the job done, why not? I buy nicer yarn for an occasional project, but stick to reality most of the time. I will admit that I've been buying notions and stuff from the LYS because I'd like them to survive this economically stressful time; but not at the expense of my financial peace of mind. Unfortunately, my LYS are closer than Michaels', AC Moore or JoAnn's.


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