Friday, June 19, 2009


Happy Friday!
The EAOC Treasure Hunt is still on and there's time to win some really great prizes!
Go here for details on how to win. Hint: There's about
40 prizes to win and it's really easy!
You know what surprises me about
the handcrafters I've found online? I cannot believe how many jewelry makers there are out there. I can't think there's any reason for me to walk into a jewelry store to buy my earrings again. I mean, look at some of the stuff here! And all of these are prizes in the treasure hunt. YOU could have one of these treasures in your own hot, little hands! And I also cannot believe the quality of knit items that are out there. Man, I hope to be as good as some of the people I see on line.

I am glad to say I am really beginning to buy into the entire handmade movement. Not just because it's better for the environment (which I truly believe it is) but because it's better for the soul. Being a
knitter, I understand what goes into the making of a piece and it feels good to see someone appreciate the work and the end result of it. I know we all appreciate something beautiful when it comes from the store and the time and effort it takes someone to go to the shop and select it. But think about the entire circle. It also is a more personal and intimate thing to go to a shop featuring handmade goods knowing someone had to put their hands on the tools instead of machinery to make it, and THEN have someone take the time to select what they think suits you. It's all the more powerful and touching.

Get you right in the heart,
doesn't it? Make some time to take a look at the shops and sit in awe of your fellow artisans (if you craft yourself) or sit in awe of them if you're one of us who don't have much of an eye for such thing. Even though one may not have the skill, doesn't mean one doesn't appreciate it!

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