Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've Been Missing You - WWKIP - Part II

I know you're really anxious to see the yarn I purchased when I was in St. Louis as well as the yummy yarn I received from my swap pal - Lynn - and it is gorgeous! But before you think I have turned my back on my trusted, tried and true acrylic yarn, I want to show you the hat I made. I started it at about 1am the morning I left and finished it in the yarn shop Sunday afternoon. I would have finished it on Saturday, but I forgot my darning needle and Mary Ann was good enough to let me borrow hers.

Isn't it just the cutest thing? Acrylic yarn was talked about - and not in a good way, except by me - but when people touched the hat and remarked on how soft it was, I was proud and loud when I said '$2.70 a skein for over 300 yards - and it's acrylic!' Didn't change anyone's minds - but that's ok. No one changed mine, either.

I was surprised at how quickly it came together - especially knitting cables on a fast moving train! When we pulled into the station, I knew it would be finished that day - and it would have been except, as stated, I forgot the needle. I tried to close it off by other means, but it wasn't to be. But that's fine. It was finished before I got back on the train and I started another project - a scarf to match the hat. But I wasn't really feeling it and instead I started another afghan that evening. An afghan that is almost done. I also have a second afghan on another set of needles.

Guess what? I had my first special order. Someone asked me to make two different versions of my bling purses and I finished those up yesterday after doing much of the work on Sunday. I will take the photos of those. She asked for the purses to be chocolate brown - one with varied sequins and one with a corresponding sequence with the chocolate brown - I chose gold - and it is so pretty. She has a remarkable eye - I never would have thought of that combination. Can't wait for you to see them!

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