Monday, June 1, 2009

Everlasting Love

Updated designbcb!

So I was going to take this trip to St. Louis for World Wide Knit in Public Day. The plan was a bunch of us would start in Chicago, buy tickets on Amtrak headed to St. Louis picking up other knitters along the way. We would try and be in the same car, arrive in St. Louis Saturday afternoon to knit, shop, gab take over the Omni-Majestic hotel for the night, get up the next day do shop, knit, gab (I was going to church) and then back on the train by 3pm to go back to Chicago dropping off the knitters where they belong.

Sounds fun, right?

I thought so, too. Until I had a client who owes me more than $1000.00 who hasn't paid it yet. So, I told the HB I wasn't going on the trip because it would cost more than $200 for that little adventure and I could use that money to do something frivolous like pay a bill or something. (HB and I keep separate accounts - FYI.)

So Sunday morning I got up and went to my office and there was $200 in cash on my desk.

Another woman might be a little suspicious but not me.
I'm going on the trip.


Susie said...

Oh Bev that is so sweet! Give him a big wet smooch on the cheek from me!

cici said...

YAY.. soon like a fabulous fun trip. We will all want details♥

knittingdodo said...

Aw, what a good husband! You've got him trained well. Think he'll give mine lessons?


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