Thursday, June 4, 2009

By Your Side

I did something today I haven't done in a long time: I read the list of blogs I said you should all read. I woke up today with the epiphany of getting back to the basics that were there before I started all this work stuff - I need to get back to my peeps!

There's so much enjoyment in writing the blog and talking to you guys and reading the other blogs and doing the back and forths that go on when we share the great needlework crafts. It used to be I woke up and read and blogged and felt I was a part of the great community - then work happened.

Work gets in the way of great living - that's what I say. But luckily, I can combine business with pleasure and bring back the basics that got me to think I could combine the three of the two talents I have (knitting and writing - my third talent is singing, but I haven't figured out how to put that in with the other two.)

So, good morning my people! Thank you for still being there even though I went away on a crooked little jag. And I think you should all read about Heather's experience with a marathon being run outside her apartment window here. It's the May 31st entry and it's a hoot!

By the way: the cable guy came a whole three hours early. That's right: I said three hours early. As in before he was supposed to. He even called and asked if it was OK that he came early because he lives on the same block as I do - just on the other side of the park and it would be convenient since he was at home.

He tried everything he could to save the old DVR but the hard drive went kaplooie and could not be saved. He said it wasn't the dog's fault - and Duke looked at me like 'I told you so.' but I wasn't as eager to let him off the hook. The cable guy was just afraid the dog would eat him.

In the end, I have a new DVR and no episodes of Knitty Gritty. I am forlorn. But most of the movies I had on there are all playing again and I have them set to record. No Loving Leah though which is too bad. I love that movie.

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Two Happy Stampers said...

Know what you mean about work getting in the way... life is important, too! =)


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