Saturday, January 5, 2008

Drop Stitch wrap - Blocked

Here's the Drop Stitch Wrap I wrote about on 12/30. This same wrap is twice as long as it was when I knit it. It's hanging in the bathroom because I did a wet block.

Blocking is shaping a garment. Sometimes it's essential; sometimes it's optional. I wanted to block this wrap because it's a stockinette rectangle which means it has that roll around the edges that happens with stockinette. (The person who creates the yarn that won't have that roll is going to be wealthier than Oprah - well, maybe not that rich.)

I put the wrap in the sink with tepid water and a drop of soap, agitated it around, rinsed it, blotted out the excess water and then hung it. the weight of the wet wrap will keep the length even as it dries - which should be sometime before midnight.

I block some pieces this way, even though the conventional school would say to dampen as oppose to soak. But I like this method especially when using 100% acrylic yarn because it can take it and because it's almost like a mini wash of the item. If it doesn't look like I want it after it dries, I'll pull out the ironing board and work a little steam magic.

For a quickie run down of blocking, check out what has to say.

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