Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Introducing Our Kid - Duke

Here he is: the super dog out playing in the snow.
This is Duke and he will be eleven years old on May 25. We tell him this, in fact, we have told him his age for the past few years and he does not believe us.

So, even though he has ruptured a tendon and even though he has had nodules removed that have been called a 'slow growing cancer', he continues to live the life of a puppy. This seventy pound dog will climb up in my husband's lap the way he did when he was years younger and pounds lighter.
He's a dog. All he knows is to do what his instincts tell him, and what our training says he can get away with. So, if he's out frolicking in the snow it's because some two legged alpha opened the door, let him, and then grabbed the camera to capture it.
You can't blame a dog for living his life.


Natasha said...

Super cute dog. Natasha Sioss, entering the great yarn giveaway :)

Beverly said...

indeed he is, super cute. he recently had surgery on that ruptured tendon and now is in rehab. he's on the disabled list for 12 weeks and will likely miss the rest of football season. but he should be ready for spring training and baseball!


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