Friday, January 25, 2008

Sawtooth Throw

I don't know what it is: I'm always excited to start a new project and always glad when it comes to an end and then I just pick up a new project and begin again.

This throw probably took a little more than a week to make. I still need to block it and because it's stockinette, I will steam block it even though it's acrylic to ease the roll.

This was made with my favorite worsted weight yarn, Caron by the Pound in lilac, deep violet, and jonquil. It used about half a skein each, maybe a little more on the lilac because it's used a little more. There's a crocheted border on the longer sides because I didn't want to pick up stitches like the pattern called for.

The pattern (taken from Easy Afghan for Knitters) also calls for bulky weight yarn. I don't have a bulky weight yarn I really like so I used worsted weight and it came out ok, though I think it would be more vibrant if I used Kente colors like reds, purples, and blues. I used size 10.5 circular needs. It's more of a rectangle than a square but it would still be good enough to take the chill off the toes and legs while sitting on the couch. It's about 60 inches long and 45 wide.

The sawtooth is created by slipping stitches for two rows. This one slipped a stitch every third stitch, but you can create your own by slipping more of less often and over more rows. I'll have to try a swatch of that to see how it comes out.

So what will become of the throw? It will find itself heading to the right coast to my sister in Maryland where I hope she will get some comfort and warmth out of it.

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