Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Preemie Hat

It's pretty easy to tell how long it takes me to make something. I start a new project the same or the next day after I finish the last one and I post the project here on the same or the next day after it's finished.

That's how it usually works.

These preemie hats were knit within hours of each other. The green one was started at about 10pm last night and finished in the wee hours of this morning and the purple one was started at about 8 this morning - before I went to walk dogs and was finished about a half hour ago. I have put aside working on an afghan (which will take a while to finish) because we have a task to complete for Loyola Hospital in Maywood. They have a preemie unit with almost 30 babies and they need hats. StitchCraft's most prolific knitter has made about twenty of them but she lives in California. So, I am stitching some of these cuties to give to the hospital next week so they have some on hand until the shipment arrives from the left coast.

The pattern for the hat came from Knitty Gritty and Stitches From the Heart. They are super cute and super fast to make with size 6 needles and a little worsted weight yarn. Now, I admit that, as usual, I have made some changes to the pattern,

For the most part, I knit it as is - except I gave away my straight size 6 needles, so if I'm knitting flat, I use size 7. Then, I'm always concerned about the softness of a preemie's head, and how irritating the seam could be. So, I knit it in round and don't have to worry about the seam at all.

This is a great way to use up remnant yarn because it hardly takes any and it serves a purpose to bring comfort to those little darlings who enter the world a bit earlier than they should. It also provides a keepsake for their parents. This little hat does so much.

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