Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Third Sit & Knit Sponsor - Yet Unknown

Information for the Sit & Knit is here.

So, I received an email from the administrative assistant saying we received several boxes of yarn to be used for StitchCraft. Now, I was expecting donations from Chix with Stix and maybe some more from the Economy Shop so since Marilyn was going to the church, I asked her to check it out.

Seven boxes. SEVEN BOXES stuffed full of good yarn. Marilyn also said there are some granny squares - lots of granny squares.

We don't know who sent them - it certainly doesn't seem to have come from any expected source. So we offer our sincere thanks to whomever sent the yarn to the attention of StitchCraft. The AA said there was no note saying who sent it but only that it was just for us.

We are going to use it at the Sit & Knit on May 31 and should we have any left over (and we hope we don't) we will use it for our projects.

Thank you for giving us the yarn - we appreciate your kindness.

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