Friday, November 7, 2008

Announcing the Great Yarn Give Away!!

Ok, maybe not great...but certainly not bad yarn give away.
Here's the deal. I have 13 boxes of yarn and I don't mean small boxes. I mean storage boxes, the kind you have to get a guy at K-Mart to pull down off the shelves. I have nearly 100lbs of yarn. It has taken over the house. So the box you see here is full of yarn from top to the bottom and this is the actual box with the actual yarn that can and will go to one of you.

To let you know: I don't do expensive yarn see The Great Yarn Debate so this is garden fare yarn some of it is sport weight, some chunky, most is worsted. Colors are all over the map: black, white, blue, different wines and red, pink, green, variegated.

There's Paton's Classic merino, Paton's Canadiana, Red Heart, Lion Brand Wool-Ease and Jiffy, Sensations boucle and mohair, Bernat's Softee Chunky and some that I don't remember the brand names.

There's at least a dozen skeins. There's enough for booties, hats, even a scarf or two.

So How Do You Get It?
Simple: you have to do 2 comments. One on any post in the blog and the other on this post to let me know which post your comment is on. In others words; say I am Anita Purl (get it, I need a purl? Oh, I crack me up.) I make a comment on 'The Head 2 Toe Project" (December 2007) and I come back to this post and say: Anita Purl: The Head 2 Toe Project.

That's it - I would be entered in my own contest. Wouldn't it be a hoot if I won?

Next, every one who comments will have their names placed in a hat and the hubby-bubby will select the winner. The winner will be selected and announced on November 28, 2008 (which happens to be my birthday.) The winner will give me an address to send the goods and off they go. Now my h-b would prefer I keep this box and give away the rest, but that's not gonna happen.

That's the whole deal. Trust me, if this goes well, there's more than enough yarn for me to do this again in May (to celebrate my wedding anniversary!)

Happy posting!

No, it doesn't count if you've commented before - you have to do a fresh one!


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I am Carolyn-Two Cables and I've made a comment on "The Great Yarn Debate" !!!

Sue said...

Good Evening Beverly,
I love your contest and have posted my comment at prayer shawls 4 fallen solider's families {sunday jan 20,08}

Suzanne in NH

Eryka Jackson said...

Good luck with the content! I am trying to hatch one of my own.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

I found your contest through Wiknit :-)

I did not go back that far and posted my comment here:

Warm regards, Bianca

CN said...

Hi! I'm Crochetcollection (known as Chelsea in the other post also), and I posted on "the great yarn debate"


(crochetcollection on ravelry!)

Melodye said...

I'm Melodye and I left a comment on the Great Yarn Debate!

Liz said...

Hi there, I am Elizabeth (riizu) and I commented on "The Great Yarn Debate". Great blog!

Jenny M said...

Hi! I left a comment on October 13's project updates (I hadn't noticed the date until just now, and that was my birthday!).

I love the idea of this contest. We have a group that knits a lot of charity items, and a contest like this would bring a full box of yarn! If I win, I can take a little for something to knit and then share the whole box - they're always desperate for yarn!

Turtle said...

Hi there , I am Turtle and i also left a comment on the great yarn debate!

Natasha said...

"Introducing Our Kid - Duke" Natasha Sioss... my entry for the Yarn Giveaway :)

Emily said...

Hey! I just left a comment on Marilyn's Afghan post. I love that afghan! So snuggly.

Also, please enter me in the contest. How I'd love to win a box o' yarn. Think of all the holiday goodies I could make.

Best wishes, and HAPPY (early) BDAY!

-Emily Jane

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I left a comment on travis wrap and the one below that.Hugs Darcy

squiggi said...

I commented on the great yarn debate.
found you on wiknit.
Great blog.

Bluebird49 said...

I'm Trudy--I commented on your post:, and I'm commenting on THIS post--hoping I'll be getting a winning stashbuster box from you!!

I'll also brag about your contest at MY blog--!!

Happy giving!

Debbie said...

I posted a comment about your upstairs stash. I'm so jealous. thanks for the contest. Debbie

Jemima said...

I am Jemima from and I made a comment on The Great Yarn Debate. I found your blog at Cozy's Place, and love your sense of humor.

Aster said...

I am Aster ( and I made a comment on "The Upstairs Stash". Yay!

OhAmyKP said...

OhAMY: The Great Yarn Debate.

Thanks for the stash increase opportunity. I'm Ohamy on ravelry if you'd like to check out my FOs. thanks

Wendy said...

Hi! I'm Wendy and I left a comment on "the Upstairs Stash".

This is such a great contest!

Sarah said...

I'm Sarah. I commented on "Two Down and More To Go" :)

Timiae said...

Gotta love those workhorse yarns!

I'm Timiae... "The Great Yarn Debate."

Deeners said...

Your stash is impressive. And I completely love the garden fare workhorse yarns. I couldn't afford to knit if all I used were fancy yarns. But every now and then, I do require a little spoiling.

Anyway, I posted a comment to your post "Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldier's Families"

Thank you.

Kristen said...

I commented on "It's Your What?" And as a knitter on a budget-(hoping to go back to vet school soon and saving for tuition and living expenses) I can really appreciate the workhorse yarns!


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