Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What A Wonderful (Knitting) World

Who knew there was so much out there in the blogosphere that has a knitting theme?
In addition to my giveaway; there one for a book on Stephanie's Written Word. You can name a colorway on Knit Lunabud Knit and you can find out about all kinds of contests on WiKnit.

When Marilyn and I started StitchCraft, we thought we would just get together with some other knitters/crafters at church and gab while knitting. Now, we are well on our way to making $2000 for the mission...the mission we didn't have any idea we would get into.

And I've met all you wonderful folks....that's the great thing. Who knew it would be one of those things where you get more than you give? Wow, what a great community to belong to.

So listen, hubby-bubby wasn't too keen on the box of yarn. He looked at it and said: "It's pretty small and it doesn't make a dent." I decided to ignore that comment until I looked into another storage bin that was just sitting in my office. I thought it had office supplies. It is full of...sigh....yarn. Man, when he's right, he's not gonna be around to hear me admit it.

I will be giving away two boxes of yarn to two different winners.

Drat that man.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

You made me
I taught my hubby to knit so their are 2 of us to knit up the stash of yarn;)Hugs Darcy

Beverly said...

what a good deal! my hubby is a retired copier tech but i couldn't get him to pick up a knitting needle - nor do i think i want to. glad you've got a manknit!

Soap Mogul said...

I taught my hubby to knit too! I was hoping he'd become an enabler.

Beverly said...

ah, always nice to have a partner in crime!

Liz said...

Wow! I guess we should thank him then :)

Jemima said...

I can't believe you let him talk you into giving away MORE yarn! This man seems very wily. I bet he talks his way into things like the last cupcake and ESPN Sports too. Hmph!

By the way, is that red Paton's merino sock yarn? Do the angels sing every time you open its crate?

Beverly said...

He often does talk his way into the last piece of cake - but that's because he's the one who bakes it. and i was the one to pull him into sports...but wily he is. he was very subtle about the way he did it - almost biblical - to whom much is given, etc. etc. almost made it sound like a compliment to give more of it away.

alas, it is not sock yarn. it is worsted weight. and i was wondering what that sound was every time i went into the stash - now i know they're angels!!!


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