Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Your What?

So, I completed the HB's new scarf -putting my other wips on hold so he could be snuggly and warm. I thought I would put the scarf on his chair where he would see it in the morning when he got dressed. I was walking into the bedroom and he met me at the door because he was going to the bathroom. I told him his scarf was done and I was putting it on the chair.
When he came back to bed he said, "Did you say my scarf was done?'
"Wow. Thanks, babe."
Fast forward a few hours later when he's walking into the house from work. (He works from 5am to 9am because that's what you do after you retire.)
"How's the scarf?'
"It's upstairs."
"You didn't use it?"
"Oh no. That's my dress scarf."

Is your face looking now like my face looked then? Somewhere between what the___ and huh?

"It's your what?"
"My dress scarf for Sundays."
"Does it get cold only on Sundays?'
"What are you using on those days?'
"Just my coat."

There's not a chapter for this in Men For Dummies. I don't know what else to say.


Melodye said...

So does this mean you get to knit/crochet another black scarf?? More shopping!!

Beverly said...

It could mean a lot of things; but it doesn't mean that. Though I should make one exactly like it and see if it doesn't confuse him for a few days.

Kristen said...

That is really funny! Tell him that he is special enough to deserve a nice scarf every day-not just on Sunday! It's great that he respects the work you put into it, but it's a better compliment to want to wear it all the time.

Beverly said...

I believe he got that message himself because it appeared around his neck this Thursday. Of course, it was really cold that day so I'm guessing it was more preservation than appreciation!


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