Friday, November 14, 2008

The Upstairs Stash

I've been working away on my wip's. (I started the cutest little baby sweater last night and it's almost done already. It's for a newborn and it's adorable!) I needed to go through the stash to see if I could find some more of the blue yarn I need for another project - and since we're in the midst of our yarn giveaway and I've been talking about the stash, I thought it might be interesting to show it.

This is the upstairs stash - most of it. That's right, there's an upstairs stash, a stash on the main floor and a stash in the basement. What you don't see are the drawers in the dresser in the bedroom that have yarn in them. The yarn on the top are some of the skeins going into the second box of yarn I'll be giving away. There's nine skeins there and more to be added from the other stash points. This mix of yarn can be best described as vintage cuz there are some oldies in there but there's also some Lion brand cupcake, some bernat softee chunky and lion brand jiffy. I don't know what else will make it in there, but something will by the 28th. So keep those comments coming and tell your friends about it - you may not win it, but they could and then you can guilt them into sharing.


Debbie said...

Wow, that stash is really good - I don't have nearly enough room for a good stash, so mine is fairly modest. Keep thinking about adding on though.... Debbie

Beverly said...

yes, and just imagine - it's not even half the stash i have.

Aster said...

The better you hide it, the smaller it is. ;)

That's why my yarn is strategically spread out between a closet, a drawer, and under my bed.

Wendy said...

Stash pictures make me so happy! I dream of having this stash.

Beverly said...

Dream on, girl! There's a big box in the living room and six boxes in the basement bigger than the boxes in the upstairs stash! I am certainly not yarn challenged!

cdnbull said...

How great of you to share the yarny goodness.


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