Monday, November 24, 2008

Cute Little Boatneck Sweater

Yes, it's really that little. This is the cutest little infant sweater! Let me tell you, I had the front, back done and finished the sleeves t'other day so all I really had to do yesterday was to sew this puppy up.

Am I really smarter than a fifth grader? Because I didn't get the instructions on how they wanted this thing assembled. Now, this is not my first nor my second sweater so why I just didn't assemble it the way I had the others is beyond me. But I wanted to follow the designer's instruction but they didn't make any sense to me. So I did what I should have done..

I called Marilyn to read the instructions out loud to her to see if I was really as dense as I thought.

I wasn't. "Why do they want that sewn first? Just do it the way you think."
So I did. And about eleven last night I was doing the happy song:

"I have a sweater! I have a sweater! I sleeve upside down!"

What? Why are the stripes on one sleeve closer to the neck and on the other sleeve they're closer to the bottom? Somewhere a fifth grader is feeling quite vindicated.
Can I pass it off as a design feature? Should I just place it in the donate pile? Should I take the offending sleeve out and flip it over and reattach? I'll just donate it. No one will notice. I noticed and I don't notice anything. Ok, I'll take it out and redo it. Done.

"I have a sweater! I have a sweater! It's a cute sweater! Duke, let's take a walk to celebrate! I know it's midnight, but let's take a walk anyway." Duke is always up for a walk and so we did a midnight walk - it was only ten minutes, but it was a nice ten minutes.

And it's a sweater!!


Turtle said...

so tiny!!

Beverly said...

I know! A baby could wear it for a minute before they outgrew it. But it would be one cute minute!!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Cute, cute, cute !!!


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