Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Review: The Huffington Post

First, let me make myself clear - I can think of only one election where I voted a straight ticket - and I'm not 100% sure I did then. I usually do my political homework before I vote and I vote for candidates that represent my views (which have been known to change and haven't always been deeply political.) Not one party holds all the answers (hell, I don't think any of them have many answers at all - we've created a complicated world.) So, when I gather my news, I don't like to have one side bashed all the time (which is why I tend to avoid Fox News and MSNBC and can just tolerate CNN.)

I get my television news from WTTW - Chicago's public broadcasting t and v station. I watch The Newshour with Jim Lehrer because they at least try to be balanced and do an admirable job of keeping their guests on point - which probably comes from having guests who don't think they are the voice of God. Come to think of it, they probably think they're higher than God. After all, God doesn't really need to raise his voice being, you know, God.

But when I want to read opinion rather than hear it or have it interrupted with commercials (even PBS is starting to have small ones) I go to the Huffington Post. Because, to me, it strives for balance. It's a blog that looks and reads like a newspaper and I think does a better job than some online newspapers.

The site overall doesn't give one slant (though Huffington makes no argument about her political stances and even so she used to be a Republican) you can find all kinds of views - even the politically incorrect Bill Maher.

For all the news and opinions, this remains a blog where readers can comment. It's a far reaching blog and it hits. It also gets a lot of hits being the most popular blog on the Internet.

Say what you want about her views - the chick knows how to pull together a good blog.

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