Sunday, November 1, 2009

Can You Believe It?

Before I even start, let me just say I know there were other alternatives. I know there were other things that could have been done. They would have delayed action and action is what I needed to take...even so, I am not at sure many (or any) of you will understand what I've done. But here goes.

Remember when I told how Mr. Honey emptied everything that was in my trunk into my back seat? I had a lot of stuff in the trunk including some newly purchased yarn and pillow forms. Well, I am not going to just put it all back into the trunk and I am taking Mr. Honey's advice to 'go through the junk in my trunk.' Every time I've had to go to the car, I take out something from the backseat and decide to keep it or toss it. When I got home from church, I took out a big paper grocery bag. It had a plastic bag inside of it and inside of the plastic bag was yarn.

Ugly yarn
Old, ugly yarn.
Old, ugly, 'who the hell thought that would be a good color, yarn
Old, ugly, who the hell thought that would be a good color, made of the roughest ply of wool ever to come off a sheep, yarn.

My mind ran through a myriad of ways I could use this yarn and I couldn't come up with anything that appealed to me and then I heard myself say out loud: "I don't want this."

Who would steal yarn from a knitting baby.

I took the bag and closed the car door and started down the walk to my house. Now I had two options:

Keep straight, go through the gate, walk through the backyard to the gate and place the bag on the garbage can.

Go straight, turn right when I get to the side door and go in the house and place the yarn in the basement until I run across a pattern calling for an old, ugly yarn in the stupidest colors ever thought up, in which case I would be set.

The Bears played a really good game today. They started off a little rough and then realized they were playing Cleveland and then started playing smarter. We were watching the scoreboard to see if any team would remain undefe....what?

Which option did I take?

I placed the bag on top of the garbage can in the hope that one of our nosy (and they are) neighbors who walk in the alley (and they do) will look in the bag, find the yarn, take it and excitedly run home to tell their spouse or significant other: "You won't believe it! Someone put this yarn in the alley. Look how soft it is - and what wonderful colors! Can you believe it?"



ennadoolf said...

I just got caught up on your blog - this post and the next 2. :D Thank you. :D

Beverly said...

Well as long as you're all caught up - that's the important thing!


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