Monday, November 2, 2009

The Chicago Top Ten for the Week of Nov. 2, 2009

Well, I am woefully behind on my posts - the best I can hope for is to do well in November and December and finish the year strong. Would you believe Christmas is at the end of NEXT month? Where did the last months go?

I am already looking at the blessings of the past year and the big ones came during these last few months. I am blissfully clear of credit card debt, I have a great knitting group with a core group of women who are fun to be around and inspirational to boot, I may have even found a new place to worship - God is amazing in all that He does.

And I cannot help but believe He's at work in the artistry we create - including these ten items from local Chicago artisans. Here, in no particular order, are ten more works from the Chicago creative circle:

Sangria by TaraBacci
If someone has a spare $288 and would like to get these for me - I wouldn't turn them away!

by CamilleStar
I will need something to put the Sangria earrings in.

Winter Bear Hat by EliesHappyHats
Come on, don't you wish you had a little head? Or knew someone willing to make one for your big head?

Fig Beret
by PandoraSpocks
Can't playa hate. When someone does what you do and they do it well, you gotta give the props. Her hats are cool!

Jade earrings by Your Time
I just can't help it - a lot of artisans make jewelry. My ears are so happy for them! These are cute little gems!

I was supposed to launch a contest last week and I will launch it - just have to move the dates. But I will be giving away a copy of the book 'Knit Fix', some yarn from the stash and a set of knitting needles. Nice huh? Stayed tuned for the new launch date - it will be very soon. Now, back to the final five...

Bakelite Chetties by PetitOiseau
I love the color of this necklace and the little leaf. It is a delicious piece!

Rustic Cross
by Wickedlygood
One, I collect cross necklaces. Two, there's just something about a store called wickedlygood selling a cross!

Pink Elephant
by Hamandeggs
The menagerie is sweet, but this little fella just stuck out.

Hooded baby blanket by doodlebugmlh
Pretty baby blanket - hey, is this the first baby blanket to make the list? It just might be - and it comes in all sorts of pretty colors!

Patchwork blanket
by homemadebysony
It's a blanket, it's a fleece! It's darned cute and look, back to back blanket picks - not planned I assure you. And the shop is bilingual as well.

There you have it! I can't help that I love earrings but I feel great that there are so many jewelry makers in the area and knitter, sewers and other artists. I bet if you look - and not all that hard - you can find such craftspeople in your area.

I informed Mr. Honey on Friday that we were buying handmade/homemade this year for our Christmas presents - I think he was somewhat relieved by it. After all, they're easy to find on line! Why don't you go take a look and see what you can find?


PandoraSpocks said...

Hi! I saw that you added my shop to your favorites, so I migrated over to your Etsy and then your blog, and saw my name! Thank you so much for including me among your Chicago Top Ten, I'm absolutely flattered!

Beverly said...

Well, thank you so much for going to the shop and then the blog! I love your hats - as you can tell, I do hats, too. Hope to get some funky fresh stuff like yours!

Thanks for your comment and do come back and visit!


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