Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Head2Toe Project

So, this idea has been floating around my head for months and I've decided just to plunge right in and take some of my knitting friends with me.

The Head2Toe Project is meant to provide head to toe comfort to kids in foster care. Here are the steps as they play out in my mind:

  1. Ask members of a congregation or organization to provide a pair of socks (sizes from infant to adult)
  2. Knit groups would knit scarves and hats. (Again from infant to adult).
  3. Send knitted items to one place for tagging and sorting.
  4. We would match up one hat, one scarf, and one pair of socks.
  5. We would send off these sets to ChildServ or ChildServ designated agencies to distribute to kids in their care.
Worsted weight yarn - recommend Caron By The Pound a little of that goes a long way!
Gender neutral colors
Gender neutral design
There would be a designated time for items to be sent in so we can distribute at Christmas and again at Valentine's Day.

I've already contacted ChildServ to see if we can work with them and I am in the process of contacting knit groups in churches to see if they would like to participate.

I would like to have a knit & sit to kick it off in the fall of 2008. - This is called planning ahead and the website should go up as soon as I have participating organizations. I just wanted to put it in the atmosphere and see how it sounded to 'say it out loud.'

If you might be interested in the Head2Toe Project, leave a comment and I will keep you posted on our progress.

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