Friday, December 21, 2007

Red Wine Scarf

Here's the scarf that just came off my needles the other day.

It's knit with Lion Brand Jiffy in yarn. It took about 1.5 skeins and after blocking is more than five feet long.

It looks like it has cables, but it doesn't. Not one cable in sight. Instead, it's got some k2tog action that involves knitting into the front stitch before moving the stitch off the needle. Don't get it? Well, I got the pattern off another Blogger site.
Take a look for yourself. The scarf on her page is in another color and another weight of yarn that gives it another look. It's a simple 6 row pattern that you will memorize just in time to finish the scarf. Because this one is knit for a guy, it's not as long as I would make it for a woman and i didn't add fringe (I wanted to, but my husband poo-pooed it!)

It's a very easy knit. I got it finished it a little over a day.

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