Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're Open For Business!

This is the first day of The Knitter's Restaurant blog! This is a place to share what's on your needles as well as what's on your mind.
I learned to knit way back in the 7th grade and hadn't touched it again until two years ago when a friend and I decided to start a knitting group at our church. At first, it didn't seem as if it was going to fly, but at the end of this year, we have sold more than $1000 of knitted, crochet, and woven crafts. The money goes to buy more yarn (of course!) but also to some of our programs of knitting comfort items for our congregation and members of the community.

So, what's on your needles? Currently, I have three projects going: two afghans from The Little Box of Knitted Throws - Garden Gate and the Aran Squares, and a scarf from a pattern found on the web. The afghans will go to the programs while the scarf is a Christmas present. I'll post photos as soon as they're done.

What about you? What are you working on?

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