Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maya Del Sol in Oak Park, IL

We received a $50 gift certificate to Maya Del Sol, a restaurant in Oak Park, IL and since I am suffering from a little bit of knit frustration (it happens when I am doing a pattern and I keep messing up so badly I have to start over) I thought it would be a nice place for the hubby and me to go on our regular date night. (We've been married for almost 12 years and once a week we go out!)

Maya Del Sol touts itself as being a little Mexican, a little Cuban, a little South American and a little...Californian. Well, my husband doesn't like Mexican food. He isn't fond of heavy spices and heavy sauce so he was a bit skeptical.

We started off with the Nachos Del Sol and they were wonderful. Honey braised beef over tortillas with beans, scallions, jalapenos, tomatoes and sour cream. Ohmigod! My husband LOVED them.

We then split a Caesar salad that was nice because it didn't have the standard iceberg lettuce - instead they had a mix of field greens.

I ordered the Enchiladas and the hubby ordered a Salmon Cervices. He loved his meal, but it was more of an appetizer so I gave him a portion of my generous plate of enchiladas with steak. I thought they were very tasty, but he didn't care for them at all. I couldn't finish them.

There was room, however, for dessert and he ordered a Chocolate Mousse Cake that was so creamy and so light. It was a perfect ending to the dinner.

We didn't do much by way of drinks: iced tea for me and Coke for him.

The service was excellent. We no sooner finished a course when someone came along and cleared the plates and gave us fresh napkins, plates, and silver for the next course. The owner stopped by the table and by the time we left, there was standing room only at the bar and he went behind the bar to assist his bartenders by cleaning the glasses!

And you know what? The bill was $50.49 before the tip. All in all, I'd say that was one very nice Christmas present.

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