Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cropped Top from Jil Eaton

Information and registration for the Sit & Knit is here.

Seriously, how cute is this little crop top? I didn't make it with the chenille yarn they suggested because I didn't have enough. I do have some in my stash, but I am determined not to buy any more yarn until I at least make a dent in what I have.

Anyway, this top was designed by Jil Eaton in her book 'After Dark: Uncommon Knits for Night Time.' I saw the book in the clearance box at the grocery store for $2 or $3. I did look through it before I bought it and didn't think I would make anything out of it, but it was only a few bucks and there is this cute little cape for a girl that I thought I might manage one day.

But here's the thing: this top isn't what I started out making. I actually made a sweater from a magazine - I mean I made the whole thing: front, back, two sleeves. I sewed it together and it just didn't come out right. So, the next book on the shelf was After Dark and the first item was this crop top and I thought I could just do an unravel and do the top. It didn't take as much yarn as the first one - so now i have a sleeve that can be waste yarn or used in something else.

Speaking of yarn: this is Caron's By the Pound (Quelle surprise!) on size nine needles. The original pattern called for chenille and I don't think I would have used it even if I had it. Chenille has a tendency to pill and shed. So, it was worsted weight acrylic for me. I'm just glad my first adult top came out ok. (Ok, it came out a little short, but I haven't blocked it yet and it can block out that extra inch.)

This little cutie is going to be on sale at the UMW Bazaar sale May 3 at First United Methodist Church of Oak Park.

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