Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Earth Hour - What Did You Do in the Dark?

Information and registration to the Sit & Knit can be found here.

I informed the hubby we were going to celebrate earth hour and turn off all the lights in the house from 8pm to 9pm.

And we did.

It was a very fast hour. He was waiting for the bread he was baking to rise and I was sitting on the love seat with knitting needles in hand watching Celtic Woman - A new Journey that i had recorded on the cable box. There was enough light from the set and i am using big size 13 needles, that i could knit in solitude and comfort. I am working on a lapghan using Lion Brand Thick and Quick. It will be a small project, but it will be warm!

I did put down the needles and go look out the front window up and down the street to see if we had all joined in - i didn't see a light on in any of the houses down the street, though there was a t and v screen or two. i felt a rather nice kinship with my neighbors, whom i did not discuss earth hour with, that we were all participating in it. or maybe everyone was at a party i didn't get invited to - either way it worked.

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