Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ahhhh - Baseball is Back!

Baseball is back on the menu here at The Knitter's Restaurant and with it comes a conundrum.

I love the Cubs (which right away means no matter what sins I commit on earth, my place in Heaven is secure.)

I love knitting.

I love knitting while watching the Cubs.

So far so good.
But my team is not part of the Stitch and Pitch program that goes on across the country. Instead the teams that participate are the Brewers and...sigh...the White Sox.

I could:
Participate with Stitch and Pitch in Milwaukee, but they are playing the Nationals that day and as much as I like knitting, Milwaukee, and baseball - who would I root for if I went? Part of the fun of going to a game is to get into a friendly interaction with opposing team fans while sharing the joy with like minded strangers. There'd be no other Cubs fans there - except Joe - and I see him all the time.

I could:
Knit at Wrigley - I've been known to do that. I don't know if you're supposed to or not but when they've checked my bag, no one has discovered the knitting needles and the yarn. But I would not be officially participating in Stitch and Pitch.

I could:
leave my knitting at home for the games (6) that we will attend at Wrigley this season.
Hahahahahahahahaha - Y'all know I'm kidding. I can't go to the corner without my knitting.

Personally, I'm a bit put off that my team doesn't have participate. We have a huge knitting group in Chicago that has over 500 members and most of them are under 30 - a perfect Cubs demographic - though I will never see 30 again on this side of creation. Perhaps with the sale of the club this is something that will change. I don't know if they've ever been approached to participate, but I certainly don't mind asking them to consider it.

Really, all I want is my sports team to acknowledge my sport - and I am willing to pay the ticket price (and the vendor prices) for them to do it. Is it too much to ask? I'm not even asking for a World Series Championship. (Which I am certain would signal the four horsemen to mount up.)

Perhaps I should not victimize myself. If this is something I believe, I should find Chicago area knitters who feel the same as I and we can storm the castle de Wrigley and try and get them to participate.

Yes, that's it.


my7kids said...

Absolutely. Go for it. They probably don't even know Stitch'n'Pitch exists. After all, I didn't!

I think it is your civic duty to all the knitters of Chicago to relieve the Cubs management of their ignorance. Rah!

with needles held high in support

Beverly said...

You are my new kbff (knitting best friend forever)

Thank you for your show of needles. I will track down Lou Pinella's email address and send word somehow!

Raj Khatri said...

this restaurant looks very good and i think once should visit...

how to crochet

Beverly said...

thank you, raj. i also crochet, so a visit would not be out of the question.

Anonymous said...

Ha! "I can't go to the corner without my knitting!" I love it!

I'm the same way! I will leave the house to run through the drive through for lunch or something and I will make sure to bring my knitting bag even though I know I'm not even getting out! But, you never know when you could be hit with a freak earthquake and have your car wedged up against 2 buildings and not be able to get out for hours! Yeah, then I'll be glad to have a full day's work of knitting!
I'll also be glad to have all the half drunk bottles of water rollong around on the car floor.


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