Thursday, March 26, 2009

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

OK, so the sock thing is bugging me.

Marilyn brought a book called Baby Feet to StitchCraft last night and there was a pattern for a pair of socks. You make seven pair and put them in a box and it's called Socks In a Box, one pair of socks for every day of the week. And the darn things were soooooo cute. It was then the sock started laughing at me though it was five miles away sitting on the sofa.

I don't think I've ever been the competitive sort. OK, that's not entirely true. I have been known to be competitive, but only with myself. I won't knock little old ladies down in a rush to get to the free samples in the drug store. (Unless it's chocolate then, sorry Granny, but youth has its perks.)

But I have been known to get an idea in my head and work towards it. The single sock is laughing at me. I will not put a photo of it laughing at me, but I have looked at it and it looks like it's having a giggle at me for not redoing it. Of course, I know I could unravel it and that would solve the problem, but I think it would come to me in a dream like I was Alison DuBois, the medium of all dead socks.

Death would be too good for the sock. I must make it swallow its own instep and shut up. I'm on the hunt for a simple sock pattern.


Susie said...

Yay for you! I love a woman who will not be undone by a sock! I'll will wait patiently for pictures.

Chuck LaPenta said...

Is it weird I had a dream about that sock? :0 j/k I love that you love what you do. I can "hear" it in your voice.

Have a great day..

Chuck LaPenta
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Anonymous said...

You get that sock and make it your plaything!
I even have some sock yarn that I'd be willing to donate for your for first sock weight sock. It's not to prettiest stuff, it's black, white, yellow and blue, but it's quality sock yarn (Opal) and, if it helps to convert you, then it's worth sending to you!
As far as a pattern, I would follow Stephanie Pearl-Mcfee's basic sock recipe. That's a perfect pattern for a begining sock. (That's thesock she was making on Knitty Gritty)

Beverly said...

Yes, Chuck - that is weird. but somehow it just fits you.

you're right dodo;
I'm gonna make that sock my bitch!

my7kids said...

Beverly, (my own baby Beverly we call, Betsy-Boo), I have a wonderful formula for a simple, toe-up sock so that you can't possibly run out of yarn before you finish the sock.

I hate heel flaps, etc. I knitted many pairs of bootees and footees in acrylic weight, perfecting the toe, heel, etc. before embarking on that expensive sock yarn. Go to and learn their provisional cast-on, it is wonderful for making a seamless toe cup to start the sock. No seam at the toe or ball of foot either.

When you are ready, I will share. Just email me.

Beverly said...

Aha - all these solutions out there designed to make me a sock knitter!


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