Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't Save It All for Christmas Day

By all means, please drop snow at the end of March. It's in like a lion and out like a lamb. It tell you, this is one angry piece of mutton.

I have today off as far as work goes so no working on newsletters or trying to find an agent to represent my book, and no writing on the other book, no taking or retaking photos. None of that today.

And no walk, either. So I will have to content myself with an indoor workout and then have a relatively easy day. I do have on my list to clean the living room today and you all know how much of an adventure that's going to be. It could really count as my workout.

I am working on another shawl of beautifully variegated browns and golds. Almost done with it and of course I will show it to you. I may actually be in a shawl phase where I will make several of them. After all, prom is coming soon and the young ladies will need something light yet fashionable to place across their shoulders. This might be the time to whip some up for them to purchase.

It's the least I can do for the next generation.

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