Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crazy Bout That La La La

You don't really want a picture of what I am about to describe. Joe and I were upstairs with Duke. Duke heard someone at the door and he does what his DNA dictates; he went downstairs and started barking like a maniac. (Remind me to tell you a story about the word 'maniac.') Joe went downstairs and let Duke out and then came back upstairs.

I came downstairs later to clean the kitchen. I washed the walls, the floor and started putting some dishes in the dishwasher. I walked over to this very laptop because it was playing the music when I noticed it on the floor.

That which cannot be photographed.

But it came from the dog.

From the tail end of the dog.

And there was a lot of it.

Over my yarn.
Do you need a moment?

I called Joe downstairs and he looked at it and said, "Oh. I wonder if that's because I've been feeding him rice."


So, my first thought, of course, was can I save this yarn? The answer was no even though the yarn was wrapped in plastic and that plastic was in another plastic bag. It was just one huge skein of Caron By the Pound, but I would have been a little freaked out - so out it went. Duke was in the backyard when I went to throw it out. I showed it to him and asked what was up with that? But he refused to answer - though he did look somewhat contrite.

There's just no way to close this out so I'll just move on...and yes, I know. There is no longer any yarn on the floor.
oh, yeah...the dog is fine.

Know what this is? It could be a sleeve...and it would make a smoking sleeve for a sweater. (Note to self - design a sweater using this as a sleeve.) (Second note to self - forget that first note - cuz she's crazy)

It is, however, not a sleeve. It is the making of a wrap. That when finished will have tapered ends and I will either place a buckle or pin on the ends to complete it.
I also completed a beach bag I was working on. This bag expands like you wouldn't believe. It's made with acrylic yarn (I thought it should have been made with cotton, but nope, it's acrylic.) It's the second one I've made. The first one was my one and only sale on Etsy and it occurred to me I should probably make another since the first one did sell.

Well, at least the kitchen is clean.


Kat said...

LOL. This brings up a lot of poop ..Why is it that we are always cleaning the poop?.. and... Why does the male bystander always pontificate on the reasons why it happened? (like this will make the clean up more bearable).. and... Why is it always near some object that belongs to female of the household? Arggh! that that's over. Pretty wrap Beverly. Love the color.

Beverly said...

Ah, my dear friend, you do ask the important questions and I wondered why I was cleaning the poop myself after he all but admitted he caused the problem. But then the dog didn't say anything either - of course he's a male.

my7kids said...

You, my friend, are outnumbered in your own household by non-poop-cleaning animals of the male pursuasion. And you have my gravest sympathies. There are 4 (count them 4) males in my household plus one very lazy but good mouser used-to-be-male cat. So I feel ya.

.22 bullets are a LOT cheaper than dog food, and new yarn, both.

The wrap is AWESOME. The Bag is Awesome!


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